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Transfer from Helsinki Airport (Vantaa) to St. Petersburg Russia


The Russian-Finnish company Transfer358 Oy is pleased to offer reliable and comfortable individual transfers from Helsinki airport to Saint-Petersburg Russia.



Individual transfer to Helsinki Airport (Vantaa) from St. Petersburg Russia

350-400 EURO

Individual transfer from Helsinki Airport (Vantaa) to St. Petersburg Russia

350-400 EURO

Individual transfer to Finland from St. Petersburg Russia (Kotka, Helsinki, Porvoo, Kotka with Hamina, Lappeenranta, and others)

350-400 EURO

Individual transfer of pets from/to Finland without the owner's accompaniment

450 EURO

Individual transfer for groups up to 6 people on a personal minibus, from Finland / to Finland

450 EURO

Individual transfer taxi service within Finland

to be agreed upon

Transfer order department to/from Finland:

Tel. +7 921 377-71-63

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The fastest and most reliable way to exchange information is through messengers. We will clarify all the details and be in touch with you almost 24/7 :)

What do you need to provide to reserve a car?

1)  Contact us using any convenient method of communication

2)  Provide the date and time of arrival/pickup

3)  Provide in advance*:

Surname and name of passengers as stated in passports

Passport numbers

Flight number for arrival/departure

Destination point

4) The DRIVER will consult you in more detail on all issues through the most convenient messenger for you

* - The data from point 3 is necessary for filling out and submitting a passenger list when crossing the border between Russia and Finland, in accordance with customs rules to justify entry/exit to the territory of the European Union

All trips are NON-STOP, meaning there is no change of car with the driver. Often, carriers who are not authorized to travel to Europe bring passengers to the border zone and transfer them to Finnish carriers.

On our part, in case of high demand, there may be similar transportation options with PRELIMINARY clarification for clients.


Delays caused by passengers (document problems, no vaccination for animals, excess baggage, initiation of car inspection in the box, etc.) will result in a charge of 35 EURO per hour of waiting time for the car.

+ 35 EURO per hour of waiting time for the car

Passenger turnaround at the border on the route: St. Petersburg - Finland with a return to St. Petersburg

Compensated at 65% of the transfer cost

Passenger turnaround at the border on the route: Finland - St. Petersburg, with a return to border cities for accommodation

Compensated at 100% of the transfer cost

Passenger turnaround at the border on the route: Finland - St. Petersburg, with a return to Helsinki

Compensated at 150% of the transfer cost

If you anticipate any difficulties with travel, please notify us in advance. The choice of a Russian or Finnish driver plays a role in the above mentioned pricing

The past year has been a time of high demand for individual transfers from St. Petersburg to Helsinki airport (Vantaa) in Finland. This is due to a number of restrictions and bans on flights of Russian airlines to Europe, which have affected both the tourism industry and people with dual citizenship, residence permits, and those working abroad.

Individual transfers to Finland have become a vital link in maintaining logistical ties with Europe, and our company is ready to provide the most comfortable and reliable service in this area, including taxi and transfer from Helsinki airport to St. Petersburg.

The requirements for carriers for airport transfers are as follows:

1)  Arrival in the airport vicinity 3-4 hours before the flight arrival. This measure is calculated to ensure that the transportation is coordinated for passengers arriving from St. Petersburg to Helsinki or for delivering clients to their departing flight.

For example, if the flight is at 7 p.m. and the estimated travel time from Saint-Petersburg to Vantaa is 5 hours, the driver must leave at 8-9 in the morning from the departure point.

Our drivers always follow this rule and wait for clients at the company office in the Vantaa area. In case of delays at the border, there are always backup drivers in Finland who will ensure that the assigned tasks are completed.

2)  Good knowledge of the airport terminals and transportation approaches.

In this case, the drivers are well aware of all these aspects, having met/departed with clients multiple times within the Vantaa airport.

3)  Organizing the meeting/departure of passengers, assisting with loading/unloading luggage.

4)  Assistance with any questions that may arise along the way to the destination.

5)  Ensuring safe driving during transportation, observing traffic rules and weather conditions.

Our company would be happy to provide our comfortable taxi services from Helsinki airport to St. Petersburg, accurately and on time, with maximum efficiency and assistance to passengers along the way!

A little history about the first taxi at Helsinki-Vantaa airport:

The Vantaa Airport is located 20 km northwest of the center of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. It is one of the largest airports in Scandinavia and Finland, serving over 20 million passengers a year.

The history of Vantaa airport began in the 1950s, when Finland decided to build a new international airport to replace the old Malmi airport, which was located too close to the center of Helsinki and had no room for further development. In 1952, construction of Vantaa airport began, and already a year later, in 1953, the first regular international flight took place here.

The first taxi at Vantaa airport drove in 1953. Since then, the airport continues to develop and improve its services and infrastructure. Today, Vantaa airport has two terminals that provide passengers with a wide range of services such as restaurants, shops, ATMs, and VIP lounges.

Vantaa airport is easily accessible by public transport such as trains, buses, and taxis. In addition, many hotels provide shuttle services to and from the airport.

Overall, Vantaa airport is an important transportation hub in Finland, providing many international and domestic flights, as well as a high level of service for passengers.


Best regards, Transfer358 Oy!